Signs of Mental Health to Watch Out For

Signs of Mental Health to Watch Out For

Mental health illnesses go undiagnosed all the time which will not help you recover from any issues you may be experiencing. According to the National Institute of Mental Health have estimated that 40% of adults with schizophrenia and 51% with severe bipolar disorder have received no treatment. The American Psychiatric Association says that 50% of mental illnesses start at age fourteen and 75% begin at age twenty-four. It is important to be aware of any peculiar behaviours or habits that you have experienced and to receive help so that you know you are not alone and to better function in the world and the people around you.

Many with mental illness experience extremes in high or low moods or energy. You can have an out of control appetite or a non-existent one as well as sleeping all the time or barely sleeping. You can also experience rapid shifts of one minute feeling fine and then the next minute feeling bad. You can find it hard to function in work, school, home, relationships and your personal life. Others can experience social withdrawals and not wanting to participate in the activities you used to be interested in. You have trouble understanding or relating to those around you.

Other mental illness signs can be having a hard time concentrating and can have memory problems as well. You can also start feeling a heightened sensitivity to your five senses and you feel the need to avoid overstimulating situations like being family gatherings, parties, crowded areas, etc. Exhibiting odd and uncharacteristic behaviour is common as well as having strong nervous feelings. You can have trouble distinguishing what is real and what is not real by having delusions or hallucinations. It is hard for you to carry out everyday activities as well as problem-solve stressful problems.

If you or your loved ones around you feel like there is something amiss in your behaviour or activities lately, take their opinions into consideration. Research symptoms that you are experiencing so you can get an idea of what mental illness you might have. Call 1-800-950-NAMI to find services and support for any mental illness questions you may have as each person’s case is unique. Most importantly, see a mental health professional that will use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders to get a diagnosis and a treatment plan consisting of medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes.


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