Study Reviews Rehab Treatment Model

New evidence to support our therapeutic model

In August 2016, Castle Craig is publishing a review of the evidence base for its treatment programme. The evidence presented in the review comes from multiple avenues: from Castle Craig’s own outcome studies, theories from the neuroscience behind addiction, evidence from other treatment centres, and longitudinal studies carried out on drug and alcohol dependents over the past 40 years.

Oliver Barnes, an experimental psychology graduate from the University of Oxford is the review’s author.

He concludes that there are very few treatment services apart from Castle Craig Hospital that can show academic and theoretical backing for its treatment model, as well as mounting evidence on its own outcomes.

In his introduction to the pamphlet, Professor Jonathan Chick writes, “The approach that has evolved at Castle Craig – attending not only to biological aspects but also dealing with harmful thinking patterns, impaired emotional coping strategies, and disrupted relations with others – have adopted methods that over the years have produced research-validated results. For those who choose such an approach to recovery, there is evidence of its effectiveness.”

A full version of the pamphlet can be read online here or downloaded as a PDF.

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