Psychiatric Evaluations Serve a Purpose in Addiction Treatment

Psychiatric Evaluations Serve a Purpose in Addiction Treatment

Getting treatment for substance abuse is not the only thing that a psychiatrist needs to treat. There could be an underlying reason of where your substance abuse came from in the answer of a dual diagnosis. Did you decide to drink or do drugs because you feel you could have anxiety, depression, ADD, OCD, or an eating disorder? Maybe you could have one of these disorders or you could have all of them. The only way to truly recover from addiction as well as diagnose any mental disorders is to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to improve your mental health.

Psychiatric evaluations give doctors the opportunity to understand what is wrong with their patient, diagnose specific conditions, and come up with the right treatment for them. A medical professional will give the patient questionnaires, interview and interactive psychological exercises to better diagnose the patient. The patient will respond to questions given by their doctor and the doctor will take notes of the mood, thinking, behavior, memories, the way the patient expresses his/her self. There might also be a physical exam and blood work to determine whether or not the patient has any physical conditions. Psychiatric evaluations allow patients to achieve their goals in the quickest, most effective way.

It is very common for mental health and behavioral disorders to be misdiagnosed which can lead to frustration towards the patient as well as a longer time to recover. For example, someone who is emotionally unstable and is impulsive could have an alcohol addiction but be misdiagnosed for bipolar disorder instead of Borderline Personality Disorder. When untreated, those with Borderline Personality Disorder can be dangerous and do harm to themselves and others. Treatment for both of these disorders are different so it is important to know what problems that the patient is dealing with before finding the solution.

Someone with substance abuse can end up having a mental health problem without realizing it called a co-occurring disorder. Mental health disorders can cause problems and keep from recovering. For the right kind of treatment, all disorders must be discovered and diagnosed for the healing to begin. What makes a person who they are is their personality, history, goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Once the doctor finds out the patient’s reaction to certain things as well as what motivates him/or, the doctor will be able to come up with the best course of treatment.

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