Why Should Treatment For Addiction Take A Long Time?

Addiction, the chemical dependency on mind altering drugs, including alcohol, does not develop in a day. Addiction does not develop in a matter of days. For the mind to become completely dependent chemically, it takes many weeks. Developing a tolerance, increasing the amount of mind altering drugs consumed, changed in behavior- the development of addiction takes time. Additionally, the many behaviors, problems, and effects of addiction which finally warrant reaching out for help and seeking treatment can take years to form. By way of logical computation, if it takes weeks, months, and years for addiction to form and become destructive in a life, it should take as long as necessary to stay in treatment in order to fully rehabilitate.

There are different “typical” times for a stay in treatment. Globally, residential inpatient treatment lasts approximately four weeks, or the infamous “28 days” or “30 days”. Residential treatment is only the beginning to a long journey of growth, healing, and progress. Addiction is a progressive, chronic, and relapsing disease. Recovery, the lifestyle adapted through treatment and a commitment to long-term abstinence, can also be progressive. Many have found that a longer stay in treatment has a greater benefit for mental, physical, and spiritual health. More time spent learning, engaging in therapy, and practicing social adaptation techniques creates a more renewed individual, empowered in their ability to live life without mind altering drugs.

At Castle Craig, a length of stay typically lasts from four to six weeks. However, when our patients undergo their initial assessments, their health care plans are created according to their needs. Each case is unique. Meeting with our onsite doctors, nurses, therapists, and consulting psychiatrists, specific plans of care cater to the special requirements of each patient.

Individualised treatment programmes allow each patient to say in treatment for the length of time necessary Our unparalleled aftercare program lasts for two years, including regular group sessions and check ins. Each year, we host a reunion party for all of our graduates to come together and celebrate what life in recovery has created.


Castle Craig has proudly served recovery for over 25 years. Our proven success rates and high rate of satisfaction stand as testimony to the quality of our compassionate care. For information on our residential programmes, please call our 24 hour free confidential phone-line: 0808 256 3732. From outside the UK please call: +44 808 271 7500 (normal charges apply).

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