Continuing Care: Rehab Aftercare Programme

Supporting You After You Leave Rehab

We offer a structured aftercare programme, delivered online, designed to support your lasting recovery.

The support you receive in the days and weeks following rehab treatment are crucial for your ongoing. In order to ensure continued sobriety it is important to have ongoing support arranged for when you leave. At Castle Craig we call this ‘continuing care’ but many people refer to it as ‘aftercare’. Continuing care ensures a continuation of the personalised care plan built by the multidisciplinary team at Castle Craig. Our Continuing Care Programme is run online, by CATCH Recovery, our outpatient therapy service.

  • Preparing to leave
  • Free aftercare group
  • Recovery Club
  • Continuing Care Programme

Preparing to Leave Castle Craig

Towards the end of your programme at Castle Craig, the focus will shift toward your continuing care and relapse prevention.

Your therapist will compose a detailed aftercare plan for you to follow after you leave. This will include connecting you with community resources and support groups such as your local Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous groups; charting a daily routine, connecting back with a referrer or local referring charity, and may include arranging a secondary or tertiary care (also known as a halfway house or a safe house). All patients receive a continuing care plan.

The Recovery Club

Recovery Club is the name of Castle Craig’s alumni group. It’s our way to keep you connected in recovery. As part of our recovery club, you will receive a quarterly email newsletter and other relevant recovery-orientated updates on events, workshops, reunions, and recovery-related materials.

Free Aftercare Group

You will also have access to Friday Morning Recovery Club, an online aftercare support group hosted by Castle Craig every Friday morning via Zoom. You are free to attend this meeting for the 12 months following your treatment with us, regardless of your funding method. 

Continuing Care Programme

A week before discharge you will have a meeting with the CATCH Recovery Continuing Care Co-ordinator, Kim, who will take time to discuss your personal goals and challenges and will assign you an outpatient therapist and schedule your first session with them as well as your first online group therapy session.

Self-funding patients have Castle Craig’s 24-week continuing care included as part of their overall treatment programme. If you join treatment via another funding method or another referrer it will be possible to purchase the programme before you leave. In-person therapy sessions are possible in Edinburgh, London, Nottingham and Guildford for an additional fee.

24-Week Aftercare Programmes

Package 1

  • 12 flexible individual online therapy / recovery coaching sessions and 12 group therapy sessions, over 24 weeks.

Package 2

  • 24 flexible individual online therapy / recovery coaching sessions and 12 group therapy sessions, over 24 weeks.

What Are the Benefits of Aftercare?

1. Relapse Prevention:

  • Skill Building: Our patients are taught healthy coping mechanisms and skills to help manage cravings, stress, and emotions that might lead to relapse, ensuring they are equipped to navigate these challenges confidently and identify the early warning signs of relapse.

2. Support Networks:

  • Community Integration: We connect patients to various community support groups and networks where they can receive encouragement, and understanding as they share their experiences.
  • Family Support: Involving and educating the family to help create a supportive, informed, and understanding environment at home to facilitate the recovery process.

3. Mental health:

  • Mental Health: Continuing with counselling and therapy after rehab can help to tackle underlying mental health issues, ensuring psychological well-being is prioritised alongside physical health.

4. support system:

  • Routine Check-ins: Scheduled meetings with our patients ensure continuous monitoring of progress and adjustment of treatment plans as necessary.
  • Peer Support: We always encourage patients to build a support system with peers in recovery who can share experiences, challenges, and successes, creating a sense of mutual support and accountability.

5. Quality of Life Improvement:

  • Relationship Building: Strengthening social skills and relationships, aiding the restoration and building of meaningful connections, crucial for emotional support and integration into society.

Continuing care is pivotal in bridging the gap from the structured environment of rehab to the complexities of everyday life, ensuring that patients are not just surviving post-rehab but truly thriving, with the necessary support, skills, and resources.

Compassion & Respect

Every single person who walks through our doors matters.

Who Can Benefit from an Addiction Aftercare Programme?

1. Complex Emotional Challenges:

Patients coping with intricate emotional and psychological issues can greatly benefit from these sessions. The additional therapy aids in unravelling complex emotional layers, offering a deeper level of understanding and healing.

2. Dual Diagnosis Patients:

For those dealing with co-occurring mental health issues alongside addiction, extra sessions provide specialised attention and care, ensuring both conditions are addressed comprehensively.

3. High Relapse Risk:

Patients identified as having a higher risk of physical relapse or mental relapse are often recommended additional therapy. These sessions focus on strengthening coping mechanisms and resilience.

4. Transition Assistance:

As patients reintegrate into their daily lives, extra therapy can be instrumental in navigating the challenges of adapting to new routines and environments, supporting a seamless transition.

5. Family Involvement:

Additional sessions can also involve family members to nurture healing and understanding within the family dynamics, promoting a supportive environment for the recovering individual.


Is the Continuing Care Package Covered by Insurance?

Continuing care is available to all patients who finish rehab at Castle Craig and is therefore considered part of the treatment plan. We recommend patients contact their insurance providers directly for detailed information on the extent of coverage for continuing care services. Our admissions team is also available to assist with insurance queries and can provide necessary documentation to facilitate claims.

Is Continuing Care Mandatory?

Continuing Care is not mandatory but highly recommended. We at Castle Craig believe in the importance of ongoing support to strengthen the foundation of recovery, reduce the risk of relapse, and address any emerging challenges post-treatment. While participation is voluntary, many patients find continuing care instrumental in navigating the initial phase of their recovery journey outside the rehab environment.

Can I Choose My Therapist?

We aim to ensure that every patient’s therapeutic needs are met with the highest standard of care. While we assign therapists based on their expertise and the specific needs of the patient, we also consider patients’ preferences. If you have a preference for a particular therapist, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your request, subject to availability and suitability.



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