Addictions We Treat at Castle Craig

Addictions Treated At Castle Craig

Whether it’s substances or behaviours, Castle Craig’s bespoke treatment can help you recover today.

At Castle Craig, we treat all forms of addiction and compulsive behaviours as part of our programmes. Learn more about the addictions we treat and how we treat them.

Drug Addiction

We treat all forms of illicit and prescription drug addiction. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of a drug problem and the various types of drugs we treat at Castle Craig. 

Alcohol Addiction

Are you worried about your drinking habits and need reassurance? Perhaps you’re concerned that your loved one may be suffering from alcohol addiction and want to learn more about treatment options.

Polysubstance Dependence

It is common for people to develop an addiction to more than one substance (polysubstance), which can further complicate the treatment process. At Castle Craig, patient safety is our number one priority. Call our compassionate team today if you or someone you love is struggling with more than one substance.


Gambling Addiction

Addiction isn’t only confined to substances, many behaviours including gambling can have far-reaching implications for the individual and their loved ones. In fact, gambling addiction can lead to many serious consequences including financial and relationship issues. Learn more about problem gambling and the steps necessary for taking back control.

Secondary Addictions We Treat

While our programmes are designed to treat substance and gambling addiction, there are many other forms of compulsive behaviours that can lead to severe addiction. At Castle Craig, we recognise and treat all forms of addiction, including those struggling with dysfunctional eating habits.


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