Outdoor Activities at Castle Craig

Activities at Castle Craig

Experience the Essential Benefits of Outdoor Activities at Castle Craig

Heading up the driveway of Castle Craig, you’ll notice that it doesn’t look like a typical rehab centre. You might be expecting a sterile clinical facility, instead, you’ll be greeted by our stunning residence set amongst the peaceful Scottish countryside, surrounded by woodlands, hills and pastures. 

Upon entering, you’ll be welcomed by the friendly community of patients and animals. Here at Castle Craig, we believe that rehabilitation requires more than talk therapy. A key part of recovery is immersing yourself in the therapeutic landscape of the outdoors, which encourages healing and can help you discover the best version of yourself.

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Animals and Wildlife at Castle Craig

Once you’ve settled in and met your peers, you might be even more excited to meet some of our permanent residents. In addition to the abundant wildlife of the Scottish countryside, you’ll have a chance to mingle with some of our full-time occupants, which include horses, alpacas, Hebridean sheep, and dogs.

These animals play a vital role in our therapy programmes, like equine therapy and alpaca walking, known to help many recover. Like many of our previous patients, you will find that interacting with animals can aid in your recovery. But if you seek a quieter connection with nature, you can instead partake in horticulture therapy, which includes gardening and landscaping, to find peace of mind.

Exercise and Fitness

As mentioned before, recovery isn’t just about introspection — physical activity is crucial to breaking up the intensive nature of therapy and we’re here to encourage it. At Castle Craig, there will be plenty of opportunities to experiment with numerous workouts to make each day one to remember.

Our vast grounds allow for plenty of extracurricular activities. You’re not just limited to walking or jogging — although, on our 50 acres of private woodland, you’ll have tons to explore. You’ll also have plenty of space to play a game of football or volleyball with your new friends.

It’s not just about exercise — it’s about having fun while you’re outside and enjoying the scenery. So, whether it’s a relaxed walk or joining in some games, being outside and moving around can make you feel stronger and happier at Castle Craig.

Mindfulness and Yoga

Unless you don’t mind getting your feet wet, on rainy days (and any day, really) you’ll have access to our onsite gym, where we regularly host yoga, pilates and aerobics classes. And if you’re looking for something more relaxing, there are mindfulness and meditation sessions as well.

For something more creative, feel free to partake in art group therapy or drumming classes, which help focus the mind, relieve stress, and uncover blocked emotions.


Castle Craig regularly organises field trips for our advanced programme participants, which include outings to local churches and AA/NA meetings. We also occasionally arrange for visits to nearby cultural sites and museums for anyone who wishes to participate.

But if you’re not eligible for these offsite outings, you can sign up for an alpaca walk on our grounds or partake in equine therapy, which will take your mind off of the sometimes stressful day-to-day therapy and transport you to a place of peace.

Discover Serenity at Castle Craig

At Castle Craig, it’s important to us that all our patients have an excellent treatment experience. We’ve created a peaceful environment which allows you the time to deal with addiction and begin healing, and spending time outdoors, being active, and interacting with our animals are proven to help patients in recovery. These outdoor activities give you moments to relax and recharge.

When you step into Castle Craig, we’re ready to welcome you with open arms. We’re all about helping you accept yourself, understand addiction, and plan for a better future. 

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