Outdoor Activities at Castle Craig

Activities at Castle Craig

Experience the Essential Benefits of Outdoor Activities at Castle Craig

Arriving at Castle Craig, you will be greeted by our stunning residence set amongst the peaceful Scottish countryside, surrounded by woodlands, hills and pastures. 

We believe that rehabilitation requires more than medical treatment and meetings with your psychotherapist. A key part of recovery is immersing yourself in the therapeutic landscape of the outdoors, which encourages healing and renewal.

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Animals and Wildlife at Castle Craig

In addition to the abundant wildlife of the Scottish countryside, you’ll have a chance to meet some of the animals onsite, which include alpacas and dogs.

You may find that interacting with animals, in activities such as equine therapy and alpaca walking, can aid in your recovery. But if you seek a quieter connection with nature, you can instead take part in horticulture therapy, which includes gardening and landscaping, to find peace of mind.

Exercise and Fitness

As mentioned before, recovery isn’t just about introspection — physical activity is crucial to breaking up the intensive nature of therapy and we’re here to help you, no matter how long it has been since you last exercised. At Castle Craig, there are plenty of opportunities to experiment with numerous activities from stretching, to yoga, to jogging and weight training.

Our extensive grounds allow for plenty of extra activities: walking, hiking, jogging, football or volleyball.

It’s not just about exercise — it’s about having fun while you’re outside and enjoying the scenery. So, whether it’s a relaxed walk or joining in some games, being outside and moving around can make you feel stronger and more positive.

Mindfulness and Yoga

In our gym, we regularly provide yoga, pilates and aerobics classes as well as weight training. If you need something more relaxing, we also offer daily reflections, mindfulness and meditation.

Creative therapies include art group and therapeutic drumming, which can help focus the mind, relieve stress, and uncover blocked emotions.


Castle Craig regularly organises trips which include outings to local churches on a Sunday for those who wish, and local Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous meetings in nearby towns.

Families are invited to visit on Sundays.

Discover Serenity at Castle Craig

At Castle Craig, we believe we have created a peaceful environment, conducive to recovery, allowing you the time to work through your past with your therapist, and look forward to a brighter future. Being active, spending time outdoors, and taking part in activities are all a part of discovering the joy in life which has been hidden by addictive substances for so long.

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