Anxiety and Recovery: How Anxiety Can Negatively Impact Recovery Efforts

Symptoms of Anxiety Anxiety is a complex emotion that can arise from various sources, such as fear, stress, low self-esteem or general uncertainty – often about the unknown. Anxiety thrives on negativity, the expectation of bad outcomes and one’s perceived inability to cope with a situation or event. This can happen despite the absence of […]

Anxiety Medications: How Safe Are They?

Can You Get Over-The-Counter Anxiety Medication in the UK? No, you can’t. If you want anxiety medications, they must be prescribed by a doctor. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, your doctor needs to see if you actually need anti-anxiety medications. Maybe there’s a reason for your anxiety disorder (such as previous […]

Why Is Men’s Mental Health Not Taken Seriously?

Why Is Men’s Mental Health Not Taken Seriously? Good mental health is an essential aspect of a person’s overall well-being and has a significant impact on their daily lives, relationships, and even their physical health. Although mental health issues affect people of both genders, men’s mental health has generally been receiving less attention and support. […]

PTSD and Addiction: The Relationship Between PTSD and Addiction

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and addiction are two conditions that are closely linked. PTSD can cause anxiety, depression, and insomnia, which can lead a person to seek coping mechanisms as a form of self-medication. Substance abuse may provide temporary relief but can also worsen the symptoms of PTSD and result in addiction. This article explores […]

Nitrous Oxide: Why Balloon Drugs Are No Laughing Matter

‘Balloon drugs’ is a colloquial name for nitrous oxide, a drug that was discovered by the English scientist Joseph Priestley in 1772. Nitrous oxide is an odourless and colourless gas commonly used as a painkiller and sedative in medical procedures, primarily in dentistry. However, because of its euphoric effects, low cost, and availability, it has […]

Alcohol Rehab near Wolverhampton

This page introduces the services that Castle Craig offers to the people of Wolverhampton. We frequently welcome private patients from Wolverhampton to our residential rehab program and can arrange sober transport services to ensure a safe journey to our facility. Major UK health insurance providers cover our addiction treatment, and individuals under the care of […]

Alcohol Rehab Serving Warrington

This page introduces the comprehensive services provided by Castle Craig for the residents of Warrington. We regularly welcome private patients from Warrington to participate in our residential rehab programme and can coordinate sober transport services to ensure your safe arrival at our facility. Our addiction treatment is recognised and supported by major UK health insurance […]

Alcohol Rehab for People in Nottingham

This page introduces the services that our group, Castle Health, offers to the people of Nottingham. We offer individual addiction counselling with our specialist addiction therapist in Nottingham. People under the care of Change, Grow, Live in Nottingham can be referred for treatment to Castle Craig. We regularly welcome people from the Midlands and Nottingham […]

Drug Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms, Signs and Treatment

You can become addicted to any drug, including prescription medicine and alcohol. Drug addiction can happen quickly and take you by surprise: one minute you’re having fun or following a dosage prescribed by your doctor, and the next minute you’re hit with intense cravings to take more and more. If you stop taking the substance, […]

Can Anxiety Cause Dizziness?

When Can Anxiety Cause Dizziness? When anxiety is intense and long-lasting it can become one of a number of recognised mental disorders that produce unpleasant symptoms in the mind and body. Dizziness is one such symptom. Substance abuse often exacerbates the condition.  Proper diagnosis is essential so that suitable treatment can be provided. What Is […]

What Are Brain Zaps: The Strange Side Effects of Anti-depressants

If you are currently suffering from brain zaps, or are worried about experiencing them as you come off of SSRIs, this page will reassure you. In this article, we take a look at what a brain zap actually is and why it is only recently that the scientific community has recognised this side effect of […]

Zopiclone Addiction: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

Zopiclone is a widely prescribed sedative that is relatively safe when used short term. However, zopiclone is a controlled substance with abuse potential. As such, if used long-term or in large doses, zopiclone can be habit-forming. Here we explore the zopiclone’s effects, the risks of use, and what addiction treatment for zopiclone addiction may look […]