Addiction Awareness Week

From the 10th-16th June, the newly created Addiction Awareness Week aims to highlight the devastating impact that addiction has on people. This includes stories from those who are affected, and those around them.

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The idea for Addiction Awareness Week comes from the charity Action on Addiction. During this week, we aim to raise awareness of just how common addiction is, how many people are affected by it, and what we can all do to together to tackle this problem.

“Addiction Awareness Week aims to bring addiction out of the shadows and encourage people to talk about the different facets of this life-stopping condition.”

Research published to mark Addiction Awareness Week reveals that 60% of people in Britain know someone affected by addiction, most of whom are relatives. The poll highlighted that alcohol abuse is the most common problem, with 73% of people who knew someone addicted citing it as the addiction suffered.

Events have been held this week to raise awareness for addiction, including a gala held on June 12. Attended by the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Ronnie Wood, the gala dinner aimed to recognise the prevalence of addiction. While there, the Duchess gave a speech and met with those affected by addiction and their families. “Sadly, for many who are suffering with addiction, they just don’t receive the help they need early enough.”

Castle Craig rehab is committed to Addiction Awareness Week, and highlighting the issue of addiction to the public.

Stories from our Patients and Family:

It’s my husband’s sober 30th birthday this year. Thank you very much x


Recovery begins with awareness of one’s surroundings, followed by the sincere desire (and effort) to contribute to it, to the best of one’s ability.


I arrived at Castle Craig completely broken, physically, mentally and emotionally. I honestly thought I had gone past being healed after relapsing after 10 years of sobriety. The staff at CC were dedicated to helping me as soon as I entered the building. The kindness and skills of all the staff here are what I can only describe as truly amazing. My boyfriend sadly passed away from alcoholism whilst I was at CC and the staff got my through some of my darkest days to date.

I’m 15 months sober again now and I know I wouldn’t have survived another month doing as I was. It’s an amazingly special place where miracles really do happen, I’m blessed to have found you. Thank you


For me without continually working the steps into my life I believe I would eventually go back to using. I would once again become very unhappy and disillusioned with my life just the same as I was before working the steps into my life. Oh and thank you Castlecraig for saving my life. Forever in your debt x


Saved my life. And my family’s sanity


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