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Castle Craig welcomes you to our new London service. Castle Craig London will be a diagnostic, referral and continuing care centre, and we will be arranging referrals to Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland, as well as to our associated treatment centre – Smarmore Castle – in Ireland.

Castle Craig was established in 1988 by Peter and Dr. Margaret Ann McCann, who had previously founded Clouds House in 1983. Their latest treatment centre – Smarmore Castle – opened in January of this year. Castle Craig and Smarmore Castle provide detoxification and specialised addiction treatment programmes – with provision for a range of dual disorders. The practices and principles of the 12 Steps provide a core to our treatment programmes, and our patients are under the care of a skilled multi-disciplinary team including full-time consultant psychiatrists. The level of expertise and the range of services that we provide are quite unique within the UK and Ireland.

An aftercare group will be available in London from the middle of May, and on June 9th we will be hosting a buffet lunch at the Caledonian Club in Belgravia to mark the arrival of Castle Craig in London. Our medical director – Professor Jonathan Chick – and other members of staff will be attending in order to briefly present our services and allow a chance for introductions and networking among addiction professionals based in London.

The Team in London

Dominic McCann – Development Director

Since 2009 Dominic has worked alongside Castle Craig’s founders – Peter and Margaret Ann McCann – to develop the mission of Castle Craig. That mission is to be always enhancing the quality of the treatment programme, and maintaining an ethos of compassionate and professional care – and ultimately giving people the best chances in their recovery. Before joining Castle Craig, Dominic graduated from the University of Edinburgh where he studied History, and he then worked for a time with international charities in Eastern Europe and Africa. ┬áHe now works from the Castle Craig office in London.

Laura Gane – London Business Development Assistant

Laura is a recent addition to the Castle Craig team. Her role is to aid both Marco and Dominic in serving the London referral community. This includes ensuring that Castle Craig works closely and efficiently with all our medical professional contacts. Another primary concern is in ensuring patients in London are receiving support in both the pre and post admission stages of treatment. This includes planning and setting up a London continuing care program. Before this, Laura graduated from the University of Oxford, where she studied History.

Victor Kossoski – Digital Marketing Assistant

Victor helps Castle Craig develop and sustain our communications activities across the digital landscape. The content and optimisation of Castle Craig’s websites is his primary responsibility. He is currently working with our web developer to help launch a new London website. Victor is originally from Brazil and graduated from King’s College London in International Politics.

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