Excellent Results from Scottish Health Inspectors

This blog article reports on inspection results from 2013. For our most recent HIS inspection results which were graded ‘Exceptional‘ please visit this page.

2013 report

Following a recent inspection by Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Dr. Margaret Ann McCann writes to thank the staff of the Castle Craig hospital for the excellent inspection outcome.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the efforts of all our staff who have helped ensure that the hospital was prepared for inspection by Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS). You have played a very important part in achieving the excellent grades we were awarded.

This rigorous inspection by HIS took place last week when the inspectors arrived unannounced at 8pm on Tuesday night.  The nurses took this sudden arrival of the regulatory team in their stride.  With the support of one of our senior nurses Dawn Dixon, who stepped up to the challenge and remained on duty for an extra three hours, they looked after the inspectors, and carried on with their normal duties.

This was an important inspection as we have not had one for two years. We were inspected in the following domains:

  • Clinical Governance and Quality Assurance
  • Information for Prospective Patients
  • Ethos of respect
  • Professional Training, Motivation of Workforce
  • Reviews of Clinical Practice
  • Healthcare Records
  • Confidentiality / Data Protection

You will all be pleased to know that we received some excellent outcomes. We achieved 4 grades of Excellent (Grade 6) and 3 grades of Very Good (Grade 5). They stressed that they rarely award a grade of 6 of excellent.

Grades of excellence were awarded for the areas of:  Professional Training and Motivation of Workforce; an ethos of respect; information to prospective patients; confidentiality and data protection.

Particular comment was made that “patient feedback was excellent in what is an extremely challenging environment for them”.  Staff feedback was also very good; “there was a strong feeling of community, a lack of barriers between different departments or levels of staff.” They noted that there was no inappropriate use of language or lack of respect.  They commented positively on the work of the admissions team mentioning each of them by name and on the information available to patients on the web and that which is sent electronically.

I would in particular like to acknowledge Alison Allison and Lucy Douglas for their special role in helping to collect evidence and for efficiently organising this and liaising with department heads.  I would also like to thank our Deputy Hospital Manager Trevor Owen for his hard work in preparing for this inspection.

Congratulations to all our staff who have worked hard and contributed in all the domains that were inspected. Thank you for your commitment to quality in patient care.

Health Improvement Scotland

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