Castle Craig Extends a Lifeline for Addiction Sufferers During Lockdown

Following warnings from the World Health Organisation that people may increasingly turn to alcohol as an “unhelpful coping strategy” during the Coronavirus lockdown, Castle Craig Hospital, has restructured its intensive rehab programme into “Castle Connect” an online package to be transmitted across telehealth platforms. 

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Our team of skilled psychotherapists and addiction specialists are needed more than ever by people suffering from addictions, anxiety, stress and isolation. The online rehab programme, Castle Connect, enables people to engage with specialist addiction therapists from the comfort and safety of their own home. Many people who have considered rehab in the past will be able to use the lockdown as an opportunity to get the help they need. 

Professor Jonathan Chick, Medical Director at Castle Craig, said: “The uncertainty and isolation created by current events and the lockdown is increasing anxiety for many people and, for those struggling with addiction, this anxiety may trigger a return towards alcohol, drugs or gambling. Also, with families spending increasing amounts of time together, problems with addiction which were previously hidden could become apparent. Our programme, which people can complete remotely, enables people to get the help, structure and support they need at this time.”

Launching on Monday 13th April and already generating admission assessments, the new online therapy programme is delivered by Castle Craig’s senior addictions therapists with online face-to-face individual CBT and group therapy sessionslive educational, didactic lectures; online Covid-19 anxiety, stress & PTSD workshops; online psychiatric assessments; online reading and learning materials; online family therapy, therapist facilitated group therapyonline fitness and mindfulness sessionsonline AA and NA fellowship groups.

Dr Margaret McCann, CEO and Founder of Castle Craig, said: “For more than 30 years we’ve delivered a structured and highly successful programme which has enabled thousands of people to beat addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling and more. With modern technology, we can help individuals and their families to beat addiction while in isolation and we are determined to continue to help as many people as possible to recovery through this very difficult time.”

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