How To Make Recovery Your First Priority


  1. Take It One Day At A Time: The famous twelve step recovery saying has a lot of scientific as well as spiritual merit. First, you cannot live life in any more time than time is given to you. Our days are only 24 hours long, for which 6-9 of them we need to be sleeping. Minutes only come one at a time which means, life can only happen at the pace life is happening. We cannot go back and change the past, nor can we jump ahead and change the future. We can’t change who we were but we can change who we want to be right now. Understand that recovery doesn’t happen all at once. It takes time and practice to build, grow, and evolve. Don’t worry about the future. Just take recovery one day at a time and you will see the results add up.

  2. Create Healthy Goals For Recovery: Staying clean and sober from mind altering substances like drugs and alcohol is a result of recovery. There are other goals you can attain when you stay clean and sober. You might want to go back to school, finish a degree, get a job, or travel the world. Recovery is your foundation for living, giving you the wings to fly. When you create a deep sense of meaning in recovery, like the goals you want to accomplish because of being sober, you are less likely to relapse.

  3. Make Changes In Your Lifestyle Which Support Recovery: Recovery is a lifestyle as well as a choice. Everything in our life can mirror your efforts in recovery by supporting healthy development in mind, body, and spirit. Changes in your personal relationships, work environment, diet, exercise regimen, and other areas support your recovery by bringing spiritual balance and positivity.

  4. Come Back To Recovery If You Relapse: Relapse happens in recovery because addiction is a relapsing and remitting disease. However, relapse does not have to happen. When you make recovery your priority in life, you are too concerned with maintaining your recovery to relapse and have to start over. Relapse does happen and when it does the most important thing to do is come back to recovery as soon as possible. Call a friend, a sponsor, a therapist, or a treatment center and get back on track before relapse takes you further into your addiction than you want to go.

  5. Practice Progress, Not Perfection: Remember that ultimately, recovery is about progress not perfection. There is no way to “do” recovery “perfectly”. What you can do is continue to grow in recovery by staying committed to your personal program and making recovery a priority.

Castle Craig encourages restoration of health in mind, body, and spirit. Spending time in our residential treatment programmes for addiction and concurrent disorders helps clients find a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. As a trust provider, our programmes have served over 10,000 patients in our 25 plus years of experience. For information, call our 24 hour free confidential phone-line: 0808 231 5861. From outside the UK please call: +44 808 271 7500.

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