How to Move Past Fear in Recovery

Fear is a very real emotion for people in recovery from addiction. The challenge is how to cope with the feeling when it arises and using the tools necessary to let it go. Fear can hold people back from being successful in sober living. Learn some tips for responding to the internal fear and ways to push past it towards success.


Letting Go of Fear

Many things can motivate people but often fear is not seen as one of them. It can motivate people to move in the wrong direction, away from the things that promote personal growth. However people with addiction need to learn how to cope with fear because it can keep the individual in recovery from seeking peace and trust in the process of sober living.


5 Steps to Get Started Facing Your Fear

Five key steps can help family members and loved ones with addiction get moving in the right direction. These include:


Facing the Demon

There is no obvious answer to the question of what people are afraid of most of the time. It could be resistance to something new or an unwillingness to take on a challenge. The immediate reaction can be ‘no’ before even exploring all the possibilities. A person does not have to change his or her mind about the situation, just learn to appreciate the experience and learn how to stay open to what’s possible.


Explain the Reason

Once the root of discomfort is recognised, it is easier to focus on how to heal. Finding a way to explain it as if another person was in the room can help create the right environment for moving past the fear.


Hold an Argument

This might seem like a strange way to go about it, but having an argument with oneself can be a positive thing. Focus on questions like whether it makes sense to hold onto the fear or let it go. If a person was to explain over and over whether there is truth to the fear, go on a discovery mission to see if it is really true. There may be evidence to support or refute it, but be open to discovery.


Own the Result

After looking at the fear and taking a risk at understanding where it came from, note whether it seems to still be relevant. If it is not true and does not fit into one’s life, then reject it. It may be an old habit and nothing new applies.


Work with Fear

Maybe the fear is still applicable but maybe that’s okay. Allow space to embrace the fear and receive all it can offer through acceptance. By acknowledging it, this may provide an opportunity and space to ask for help, seek comfort, guidance and ways of letting go.

This will not be easy but taking a good look at oneself can provide an honest assessment about the best ways to move past fear in recovery. Taking it one step at a time is the best way to do it.


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