How to Find 12 Step Meetings When Traveling

While addiction recovery should be your primary focus, you are still allowed to live your life and have sober fun. Having a vacation when you are in early recovery does not give you an excuse to be on vacation from your recovery. There are many ways you find 12 step meetings all over the world while you are traveling.

Traveling while you are in early recovery can be scary in that you can run into triggers that can cause you to use again or you can be swept up in the joys and wonder of being in a new place that you forget the importance of recovery. It can also be hard to leave your local 12 Step meetings in that you have grown close to the people who attend and are used to following a routine of going a certain amount of times a week. Luckily, there are thousands of 12 Step meetings occurring around the world so there is no excuse to put those on hold.

There are many websites which act as directories for local meetings, depending on where you are going. All you have to do is search for the name of your meetings, like AA, and “near me”, or the specific name of your destination. Once you search, you will find a list of results with addresses and the dates and times of each meeting. You might also find an “AA Central” or a central office where you can call and ask for meeting information. If you are willing to be open about your recovery with others, try posting a question on a social media platform. Someone out in the internet might have a suggestion for  you.

To the left of Alcoholics Anonymous’s official website, there is a search to find meetings whether it is by location, zip code, or country. After you search, you will get a list of results of the location, website, and phone number to contact them with. There will even be a list of local area websites that have information on meeting information. On, you can search for meetings by either zip code or city and will get a list of whether the meetings are AA, NA, GA, or MA meetings as well as the location and format of each meeting. If you have a friend is who traveling to the same place, you can ask what meeting he or she goes to in that area.

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