The Dangers of Mixing Meth with Alcohol

 Methamphetamine is also known as ‘meth,’ which is a stimulant. It affects the brain, body and nervous system. Alcohol has depressive effects which means combining the two together can take a deadly turn. Learn more about the dangers and risks of mixing meth with alcohol.


Meth and Alcohol Effects

Many people take meth with alcohol while on a binge. When meth and alcohol are combined, the effects of both are amplified which create a variation in how it impacts people across the board. Increased heart rate and increased sense of euphoria are a few effects but not universal. Alcohol’s sedative properties counteract some of the stimulant effects of meth. Alcohol may reduce sleep disturbances associated with using methamphetamine. Meth alone can be dangerous to the heart but mixing it with alcohol increases the risk for cardiovascular issues. Some people reported negative side effects to combining meth with alcohol including intense nausea and vomiting.


Dangers of Meth

Meth counteracts the effects of alcohol intoxication, diminishing the feeling of drunkenness, impaired performance and mood issues. Diminished effects of intoxication may present in a person who drinks too much. A person on meth and alcohol may underestimate the level of intoxication and increase risky behaviours like driving while under the influence. Increased alcohol intake may increase potential for alcohol toxicity.


Meth and Alcohol Overdose

Meth may diminish the feelings of alcohol intoxication which can encourage the person to drink more than he or she is capable of handling. Some other effects and signs of possible overdose include:

  • Irregular or slowed breathing

  • Paleness or bluish skin colour (hypothermia)

  • Seizures

  • Unconsciousness

  • Vomiting


Deaths from Mixing Drugs

Diminished effects of intoxication may cause a person to drink more than normal while using meth. A person may underestimate the level of intoxication and increase risky behaviours. Increased alcohol intake may increase potential for alcohol toxicity. Not only is the potential for alcohol poisoning greater, the possibility of car accidents, choking or other serious accidents may occur. It is not safe to drink while using meth and drinking to excess may be a sign of other issues, regardless of methamphetamine use. Use of either drugs can lead to dependence or addiction. Legal issues may arise as a result of addiction along with broken relationships, among other things. If addiction is suspected, it helps to admit a problem exists in order to move forward with seeking the necessary help to quit.


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