Addiction in the Elderly

Learn more about the rise of substance abuse and addiction in the elderly in the UK, how to spot the signs, and how to get help. Castle Craig rehab, UK

Can I Quit Addiction On My Own?

Learn more about quitting addiction on your own – if you can, if you should and when it would be a bad idea to try. Castle Craig, Scotland, UK

What is Post-acute Withdrawal Syndrome?

Post-acute withdrawal syndrome, or PAWS, is a feeling some people experience after detox. It is often described as numbness, depression, or wild emotional swings. PAWS may begin a few weeks or months after acute withdrawal ends and it may last six months, a year, or more. Learn more here.

Professions with the Highest Risks of Substance Abuse

High pressure jobs can take a toll on workers. Police officers, doctors, factory workers, lawyers and many other careers deal with the lives of their clients. In order to deal with their anxiety or depression, they take to substance abuse. Click here to learn more.

Valium Addiction England

With the rash of prescription medication addictions sweeping the western world, it’s no surprise that Valium addiction is on the rise. Learn how to recognize and get help for this substance dependency.

From Stardom to Addiction

This article remembers the addiction-related deaths of some of the biggest names in show business: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Whitney Houston, Truman Capote.

Detox at a Residential Rehab Clinic

In this video the Senior Staff Nurse at Castle Craig describes the alcohol and drug detoxification, which is the first step of residential addiction treatment.