Art Therapy Activities You Can Use at Home

It isn’t common for the average person to have a steady art supply for the occasion of any art and craft project which comes to mind. Artists and hobby crafters might. For the average person, doing art therapy at home needs to be easily accessible. Here are five activities you can easily do at home with minimal supplies which will help you find a creative expression. Sometimes, where words and dialogue fall short, art therapy can help.

Draw, Meditate, Draw

This activity only requires a piece of paper, a quiet environment, and mediums for drawing, as well as a timer. If all you have is a pen in the junk drawer, you will still be able to perform this art method. Set the timer for ten minutes. You can adjust the time depending on your time availability. Draw for ten minutes without any expectations or intentions. Take all of your emotional experience and put it into the drawing. When ten minutes is up, meditate for ten minutes. Turn off the lights, find a comfortable position, and focus on your breath. Continue taking deep breaths, trying to let your thoughts pass without judgment. Simply be present with your breath by paying attention to the rising and falling of your chest. After the ten minutes of meditation is up, return for another ten minutes of drawing. You might be surprised by the change in your strokes, patterns, or objects that you draw. Compare your two drawings and reflect on your experience.

Create A Magazine Collage

This activity only requires magazines, paper, scissors, and tape or glue. You can modify if you don’t have any of those materials. Go through your favourite magazines and find words and images that visualise how you are feeling. For another twist on the activity, look for visual representations of how you would like to be feeling instead. Cut out all of the words and images you want, then put them decoratively onto another piece of paper. The next time you are having difficulty expressing your feelings, you can refer to these visual representation to find the words and descriptions you need.


This activity only requires a blank surface and a drawing utensil of any kind. Close your eyes with your drawing utensil in hand and focus on what you are feeling. Start scribbling, with your eyes closed, until you feel you have scribbled enough. Try to avoid drawing anything intentional. Just focus on moving your hand and scribbling. After opening your eyes look at your scribbles. Do you see any images or shapes? Take your scribbles and turn them into a visual representation of whatever you see. You’ll learn that you can make something beautiful out of your emotions, no matter how ugly they feel.

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