Benefits Of Remote Living During Treatment

Castle Craig is in a unique location settled among the beautiful hills of the Scottish Borders. The Woodlands are our stunning backdrop, enveloping our healing campus of 50 acres in size. When patients come to Castle Craig, they are doing more than coming to treatment for problems of mental health and substance abuse. Patients are taking a rehabilitative retreat to a remote area of the world. With a private natural water supply and locally sourced food, Castle Craig offers an exceptional opportunity for regaining health. Our patients live surrounded by nature for anywhere between 4-6 weeks, supporting the development of long-term abstinent recovery. Research has found that spending time in the silence and greenery of nature is critical for good mental health.

Spending time remotely away from friends, family members, work expectations, and the familiarities of a home environment is beneficial for the treatment process. At home, there were numerous well rehearsed avenues for using drugs and alcohol. The right people were in the right places to access and get hold of whenever necessary. All of the daily activities that contribute to drug and alcohol use become recorded in the brain and triggered with every reminder. When a patient chooses to come spend time healing at Castle Craig, they are choosing to remove themselves from those reminders and triggers. Driving past the bar, driving past a friend’s house, walking into the local liquor store- all of these small stressors can deter the treatment process by acting as a constant reminder of using substances.

Accessing a remote lifestyle allows patients to purely focus on their rehabilitation and healing. Surrounded by the lush greenery of the Scottish Borders, there is rich oxygen to inhale, local sources of purity in life of energy. Working with therapists in healing the mind, the body, and the spirit, our patients are encouraged to take their treatment outside. In their home lives, they are likely surrounded by walls at most times- in a car, in an office, in a factory, in their homes, in the bus or the underground. Working out, group therapy sessions, private meditation time- though each patient has a schedule for daily treatment, there are many options for a patient at Castle Craig to find freedom in the process of treatment. Our open surroundings inspire that freedom and encourages healing.


Castle Craig has restored over 10,000 patients to optimum health of mind, body, and spirit, for over 25 years. Our proven model for long term abstinent recovery serves Scotland, Britain, and Europe, welcoming all to find time away for healing in our beautiful home. Call our 24 hour free confidential phone-line: 0808 159 8427. From outside the UK please call: +44 808 271 7500

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