Celebrities with Mental Illness Part 1

It is important to never assume that just because celebrities look happy and make a lot of money that they do not have underlying issues. It takes a lot of bravery for those in the public eye to confess that they have their struggles like everyone else. Luckily, there are many celebrities who are willing to let the public know that they have a disorder in order to bring more awareness to it and let the public know they are not alone.

One celebrity who is currently treated for anxiety and depression is actress Lili Reinhart. She made her debut this year with the hit CW show Riverdale where she plays Betty Cooper. Before that, Reinhart was struggling to become a full-time actress where she would go on many failed auditions, have to take an Uber everywhere she would go, and not make any money.

To make things easier for herself, Reinhart decided to get a side job as a waitress at a restaurant in Orlando CityWalk. She was hesitant to take the job at first because her anxiety has gotten in the way of her restaurant jobs in the past. After trying to get clothes as requested from her boss, Reinhart had a nervous breakdown where she threw up in the Uber and had to call her mom that she needed help. She is now seeing a therapist and is taking medication for her anxiety. She also wrote messages on Twitter letting her followers know how serious depression is and that what gets her through the day is seeing how far she has come now as a working actress.

SNL castmember Pete Davidson said on an interview on WTF with Marc Maron podcast, he explained how he would have a lot of mental breakdowns and then not remember them. He thought that this could have to do with his addiction to marijuana but his therapist told him it was possible there was an underlying issue. Davidson would try out different medication to see what was wrong with him while still struggling with his addiction to marijuana. A few months later after he was clean, Davidson was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder which is when you have unstable moods and behaviors. Davidson is currently attending therapy sessions and trying a new medication to get symptoms under control. Speaking up is only the first part in bringing awareness to mental health.

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