Celebrities Who Have Overcome Mental Illness Part 2

It may seem that because celebrities are always smiling in photos that they are always happy. The truth is that celebrities have inner demons inside of them just like average people do. James Franco and Gabourey Sidibe both have mental illnesses that they have acknowledged and are currently treating.

James Franco has been an actor ever since he was 17 years-old. He has 17 projects in the works this year. While he loves acting and never wants to give it up, he also admitted to being a workaholic. Franco recalls how he has not been in a relationship in a long time because he is afraid to open his heart up to people. Franco knew he was a workaholic as he did not know who he was outside of work. He feels like being a workaholic is a socially acceptable addiction in that society rewards people for working hard and being successful instead of thinking of those who do not have the time to enjoy the work they do or be part of anything outside of work.

To avoid having to deal with the stress of being with people, Franco would hide himself away in work. Franco’s latest project was as an actor and director of the comedy biography film “The Disaster Artist coming later this year. He still plans on acting but has decided to be more selective in his projects and plans on making time for new hobbies like tennis or surfing.

Gabourey Sidibe is an actress and author who made her debut in the 2009 film “Precious.” She recently wrote in her memoir This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare” about her struggles with depression and bulimia. She describes in her book that she could not stop crying all the time and would hate herself. Whenever she would come to her mother for help, she would either think she is joking or tell her to get thicker skin. Sidibe knew that something had to be wrong with her mental health if she could not get better on her own like other people. In college, she would suffer panic attacks and stop eating for days. When she would purge, she felt relaxed as her bulimia was a distraction from her thoughts. Sidibe sought a healthcare professional after having suicidal thoughts and her nutritionist teaches her to do things that make her feel good instead of destructive.

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