Excellent Inspection Outcomes 2015

Castle Craig Hospital underwent an inspection by Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) on 1st and 2nd September. This was an unannounced inspection, as part of a regular system of inspections that all healthcare institutions are subject to. The inspection was extensive and the inspectors searching in their scrutiny of  compliance with our quality assurance systems and the standards set by HIS.

I am delighted to inform you that the outcome of the inspection has again been a highly successful one, on which all staff are to be congratulated. We scored grades for the areas of inspection of six 6s (Excellent) and four 5s (Very Good).

Additional comments made by the inspectors:

“The inspection had been a ‘very positive experience”.

“Castle Craig Hospital is a lovely establishment that speaks for itself”.

Nothing escapes the eyes of the regulators and I was pleased as I walked them round the grounds to ECU that they praised our grounds and were interested to know who was responsible for their care. We received many compliments for example:

“HIS are satisfied beyond doubt that staff are professional, trained and motivated, and are extremely content”.

“There is a lot of really good work being done”.

“Patients were very complimentary about the therapists and catering in particular”.

This successful outcome is indicative that we continue to maintain our high standards and I would like to thank all staff and department heads for their contribution to maintaining these high standards.

All department heads contributed to the preparation for the inspection and they also met with the regulators. I would like to particularly thank Don Whitaker and Olga Olesheva, Roy Young and Glynis Read, Vaughan Fleischfresser and Lucy Douglas. The quality assurance department is to be commended for its important and indispensable role in the preparations for the inspection and assembling a vast array of evidence.

This excellent outcome is the result of a great team effort and once again on behalf of myself and the Senior Management I would like to thank everyone who played their part, great and small.

Health Improvement Scotland

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