Advanced Residential Programmes at Castle Craig Hospital 

Healing Through in Our Advanced Retreat Programmes

Explore lasting recovery in our serene residential setting within our supportive community

Once a patient has completed the residential foundation programme, they may decide to progress further and continue with the advanced programme and stay a further six weeks to 12 weeks.  

Who Can Benefit From Our Advanced Programme?  

This programme is designed for patients who could benefit from a longer stay in rehab, particularly those dealing with any of the following:

  1. Trauma 
  2. A long history of addiction to drugs, alcohol or a behaviour 
  3. Prolonged drug withdrawal from prescription drugs like benzodiazepines, 
  4. Those with Dual Diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder  
  5. Chronic physical pain 
  6. Patients who want more time to strengthen their coping skills and life skills 

Our Advanced Treatment Programme Helps Patients to: 

  • Strengthen the gains made in our five-week foundation care programme
  • Receive further therapy to address complex issues 
  • Develop and practice additional life skills 
  • Consolidate relapse prevention skills 

What Does the Advanced Programme Include?

The six-week advanced programme focuses heavily on relapse prevention and providing you with the healthy coping mechanisms necessary to maintain your sobriety.

During the advanced programme, patients can also expect to participate in DBT, meditation, mindfulness and learn other important life skills. These therapies are supported by psychoeducational lectures and presentations to help patients prepare for life without addiction.

Those patients who continue with our Advanced Programme will continue working on steps six to twelve, where they explore behaviours that didn’t work for them in the past commit to moving forward, and try to repair damages to family and friends.

Our Therapy Model

Our programme model is based on the 12 Step modality, a widely respected approach in addiction treatment. This model provides a structured, step-by-step process that helps patients understand and overcome their addictions. It emphasises personal responsibility, the acknowledgement of a higher power, and the importance of community and support from others who have experienced similar struggles. The 12 Step programme is often paused for its structure and strong peer support networks, its success in fostering long-term sobriety, and its adaptability to various types of addiction. By taking patients through these steps, Castle Craig offers a clear path to recovery and a framework for maintaining sobriety.


How Does it Differ from the Foundation Programme?

The foundation programme focuses mainly on identifying the underlying causes of addiction and healing those wounds to allow patients to move forward with their lives. Although traditional and complementary therapies are used across both programmes, the advanced programme aims to equip you with the tools you need to prevent relapse. In addition to taking you through steps 8 and 9, the advanced programme will also help build your self-esteem and teach you refusal skills. Whether you decide to finish after the foundation programme, or you feel the need to continue treatment, both choices come with 24 weeks of continued care and support through CATCH Recovery’s continuing care programme. 

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