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An alcohol & drug rehab clinic

Meet the Team

Staff At Our Residential Rehab Centre

Rehabilitation begins with people, which is why our most unique resource is our staff of caring and deeply committed individuals. Some have moved thousands of miles in order to join in our work and some are former patients who have been through treatment at Castle Craig and want to use their experiences and skills to help our patients.

Castle Craig has a unique family atmosphere and our staff are passionate about helping people begin new abstinent lives and helping to rebuild broken family relationships.

Peter McCann

Chairman and Co-Founder of Castle Craig Hospital  

Dr. Margaret McCann

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder  


Prof. Jonathan Chick

Medical Director  

Dr. Maria Kelly

Associate Medical Director  

Dr. Florian Kaplick

Consultant Psychiatrist  


Dr. Jim Craig

Consultant Psychiatrist  

Gordon Hogg

Head Therapist  

Jessica Tomlinson Hill

Senior Specialist Therapist  


Dr. Glynis Read PhD

Head of Training & Eating Disorders Specialist  

Tom Bruce

ECU Manager  

Linda Hill

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Specialist  


Lee Taylor

Therapist, Family Programme Coordinator  

Phil Grant

Specialist Therapist  

Mark Abrami

Senior Therapist  


Philip Baron

Senior Therapist  

Christopher Burn

Specialist Therapist  

Jane Spurgeon

Senior Staff Nurse  


Roy Young

Head Nurse  

Brian Carter

Staff Nurse  

Guy Heath

Nurse / Therapist  


Alexandria Barley


Eilidh McKenzie


Sandra Hemus



Paul Durkin


Eimear O’Mahoney


Sander Tubbergen



Karolina Czepil


Jack McDonald


Roseanne Boyle

Specialist Therapist  


Paul Kirsten

Therapy Project Manager  

Mark Lafferty


Helena Heveran



Ingrid Christie

Artist in Residence  

Claire Abrami


Jillian Johnstone

Admissions Manager  


Donald Whitaker

Client Service Manager  

Duncan MacLeod

Finance Manager  

Bruce Tait

IT Manager  


Davina McMorran

Catering Manager  

Olga Olesheva