5 Reasons To Use Aromatherapy In Recovery

Aromatherapy inspires relaxation through using the power of smell and the power of natural properties for healing. Nature has been medicine for humans for thousands and thousands of years. The properties hidden within roots, leaves, plants, flowers, and other natural substances are extracted to promote natural processes in the body as well as the mind. Aromatherapy and the use of topical essential oils can boost immunity, stress reduction and emotional regulation. Aromatherapy is impactful because it works directly with the neuro-hormonal-endocrine system. By interacting with intimate processes in the body, aromatherapy helps people find peace and comfort in moments of stress. In addition, the oils used in aromatherapy simply smell good and often feel good as well.

5 Ways to Use Aromatherapy in Recovery

The busy day of life in recovery cannot always include the time to simply sit and smell the roses, so to speak. Aromatherapy is a diverse and adaptable therapy method that can be used in stillness or on the go. For example, putting aromatherapy essential oils into a diffuser helps spread the scent of aromatherapy throughout a space. Diffusers are typically used in the home or the office. However, technology has created USB powered diffusers that can be used in the car as well. Aromatherapy doesn’t require the use of a diffuser. To gain benefit from the practice of aromatherapy, all one has to do is apply essential oils to the skin or simply inhale their scent. Few can argue against the instantaneous effect of relaxation that comes from inhaling the scent of lavender, for example. Two of the most receptive points on the body are the underside of the wrists and the temples. Gently rubbing a small amount of essential oils into these areas can promote activity in the neuro-hormonal-endocrine system to create stress release. Additionally, a few drops of essential oils can be used as a chest rub, which allows one to breathe in the scent for a longer amount of time.

Breathing in the smells of aromatherapy oils, it is important to acknowledge an intention for the use. Visualization and intention setting are powerful meditation and mindfulness techniques which bring the focus to the present. Connecting with the healing power of the essential oils through visualization emboldens the process.

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