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For 35 years, our family-run rehab has been managed by two generations of the McCann family, who are pioneers in a ground-breaking addiction treatment programme. Our beautiful 18th Century-listed building, which includes a full detox facility, is set in 50 acres of private parklands.

Our treatments are evidence-based and we adhere to the highest clinical, therapeutic and medical standards. Rated Outstanding by Intertek ISO 9001 in 2024, we are focussed on providing the best quality addiction rehabilitation facility in the UK. Unfortunately, addiction treatment in Britain suffers from a lack of regulation, and many end up receiving poor-quality treatment from providers who are ill-equipped to deal with the complexities of addiction.

Addictions We Treat

Castle Craig’s residential addiction treatment programmes treat a wide range of substance abuse and behavioural addictions, including:

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Personalised Addiction Treatment

Everybody that comes through our doors receives a personalised programme according to their needs. Addiction affects everyone differently, for this reason, Castle Craig has a strong multidisciplinary team capable of helping patients of all backgrounds.

The journey begins with a thorough assessment with our trained staff over the phone or Zoom, this assessment is there so we can best understand your situation, and devise a personalised plan for your stay with us.

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Castle Craig Programme & Model

Addiction is a disease and the individual is unable to control their level of consumption, no matter how much they believe they might be able to – addiction has hijacked our decision-making mechanisms.

We firmly believe that a life of abstinence is the only way forward, we give patients aftercare support and offer the right tools so that patients can live a fulfilling and sober life after their stay with Castle Craig.

Programme Options

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Depending on your circumstances, you may or may not need detox.

Detoxing from certain substances like alcohol can be life-threatening, hence it is vital that detox be carried out in a medically supervised environment. At Castle Craig, we have a dedicated detox unit that offers 24/7 clinical support, medication can be prescribed to assist the detox process should our medical team deem it necessary. Medically managed detox is the way to go to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.

On the other hand, behavioural addictions and substances like cocaine or cannabis typically don’t require detoxification.

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Therapeutic Treatment

Our team of experienced therapists and medical staff deliver a high standard of care to our patients, with the following treatment approaches at their disposal:

Lynda’s Recovery Journey

Lynda shares her inspiring journey from the depths of addiction to a life in recovery with Castle Craig. Listen to her powerful story as she reflects on past struggles and how rehab transformed her life.


The transition from rehab to home presents unique challenges that may leave you feeling vulnerable. That’s why continuing care is such a crucial part of recovery. This phase is paramount when it comes to nurturing the coping skills acquired during treatment that will allow you to live a healthy life free from drug and alcohol addiction.

A week before discharge you will have a meeting with our Continuing Care Co-ordinator, during this meeting you can expect the following: 

  • You will be assigned a continuing care therapist licensed by CATCH Recovery, you will not leave Castle Craig until that first session is scheduled. 
  • Your first post-treatment group therapy session will be booked. 
  • You will have an opportunity to register for our Recovery Club and to receive invitations for our annual reunion and quarterly newsletters. 
  • Give feedback on your treatment at Castle Craig.

Private paying patients receive 24-weeks of continuing care as part of their treatment with Castle Craig.

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We understand that going to rehab can feel daunting, rest assured we have the right team to assist you. Whether you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, do not hesitate to contact our team today.

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