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In the Heart of the Scottish Countryside

Picture the rolling hills of the Scottish countryside, just a half-hour drive from Edinburgh – close enough to reach us easily, and just far enough to feel like a retreat from everyday life where you can connect with areas of your life you have neglected through addiction. 

As your car drives up the winding woodland driveway, you will emerge on the other side into the open air and views of pastures and lawns surrounded by hills. You will look up and see a magnificent front lawn and Castle Craig, a Georgian country manor house, to your right.

At first, you might feel that it is a slightly imposing building, and then you will notice the colorful flower beds and perhaps a group of patients mingling outside, playing football or chatting.

We know it can be daunting to arrive in a community of people you don’t know, where it feels like everyone knows each other and has been thriving for over 30 years. But when you come into the building, you will find a warm welcome awaiting you from our nursing and therapy team and other patients.

Staff will take the time to show you to your room, allocate you a ‘buddy’ from the other patients, and your focal therapist will greet you.

We aim for a feeling of compassion and respect for our patient community, alongside pride in our high standards of medical and therapeutic expertise.

This Experience Matters

Castle Craig is a place you can come to, where, for a few weeks of your life, time will stand still and give you the breathing space you need to address your problems and addiction and make amends with yourself and those you love.

Here you will come to accept yourself, accept your addiction, and learn how to move forward in life with a clear set of goals and a new network among the fellowships for those suffering from addiction. 

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The Moment Your Journey Begins

This journey begins from the moment you call us at our help desk. We know you have a difficult story to tell us, we know that admitting you need help is a big step for you and you might be feeling vulnerable or scared and unsure of what you want or need.

You just know you need help, and we are here to listen to your story and help open the door to recovery for you or your loved one.

The McCann family, who own and founded Castle Craig and still run the hospital and estate to this day, are convinced that beautiful, comfortable surroundings make for a beautiful start to a new life in recovery. Our Housekeeping team regularly maintains and updates each room to ensure standards are maintained.

The Castle Craig Environment

Castle Craig’s surroundings are simply breathtaking. The lush woodland surroundings and rolling hills create a calming atmosphere that allows patients to focus on recovery.

Patients have the chance to get to know the alpacas, dogs and Hebridean sheep that live on the grounds. Horticultural sessions are organised as well as equine therapy and outdoor fitness activities. Our grounds are home to numerous plants, trees, and wild animals. The air is fresh, and our private water supply comes straight out of the surrounding hills – it is good enough to bottle.

Such peaceful surroundings can do wonders during the alcohol and drug detox and rehabilitation process.

“Each patient who comes through our doors is important to us and it means so much to me that our beautiful Scottish estate has become so significant and treasured by many. An amazing transformation occurs for the people who come here. Many people who leave treatment here now decide to plant a tree to mark the start of their recovery journey, and through this, their journey lives on with us in a way that can be enjoyed by all.”

Victoria McCann, founding family member, and Communications Director

Our Caring Team

Located in the hills and woodlands of the Scottish Borders region, our 50 acres of countryside provide an idyllic location to escape addiction. We are easily accessible, only a forty-minute drive from Edinburgh and about an hour from Glasgow, and can help arrange transport from nearby airports and train stations. 

Each patient at Castle Craig is given personalized care by our team of medical and addiction experts. A 24-hour nursing team, a resident doctor, and a team of professional psychotherapists and psychiatrists will be available during your stay to help guide you through your recovery journey.

With specialist staff, including fitness trainers, the hospital takes pride in providing a supportive, family-like environment for all its patients.

Our Patient Experience

Our patients are our priority. Here are some quick facts about admissions and programmes.

  • Admission assessment After admission, patients will be carefully assessed by our clinical and therapeutic team in order to determine the severity of their addiction and what their treatment plan will look like.
  • Dual diagnosis  After the initial assessment, patients may find that they have other underlying behavioral addiction issues. We take this very seriously and always treat the psychological aspect as well as the substance dependency to ensure a full recovery. Often problems such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD can accompany addiction. 
  • Detox Upon arrival, patients will begin a supervised detoxification period. How the detox is organized and how long it will last is unique to each patient.
  • Therapy and Activities After detox, patients undergo individual and group therapy and participate in education sessions and lectures to help them better understand their addiction. They will have the opportunity to participate in various activities and modern therapeutic techniques, such as art group, drumming, pilates, and many outdoor activities. There is also an on-site gym to allow patients to stay active during their stay. Due to Covid-19, some activities have been suspended so please talk to our admissions team if you have any queries specific to activities.
  • Programme length The standard recommended length of stay at Castle Craig is six weeks and can be lengthened if necessary with our Advanced treatment programme. Advanced treatment patients will have opportunities to participate in off-site activities, such as visits to local support group sessions (such as AA) or field trips to cultural sites. Other leisure activities, such as museum visits, social nights, and shopping trips, are also arranged as entertainment. – Due to Covid-19 restrictions some of these activities have been suspended so please talk to our admissions team if you have any queries.

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Innovative Treatment Techniques

Castle Craig maintains its status as a leader in addiction treatment and was the first addiction rehabilitation center to bring 12-step treatment to Scotland. Our staff participates in continuous learning and takes the time to explore, learn and integrate new treatment techniques such as:

Equine-assisted psychotherapy   Castle Craig is proud to offer this alternative therapy. Patients have said that equine-based therapy was one of the most memorable and exciting parts of their stay.

HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) Castle Craig was the first UK rehab hospital to offer HBOT as a complementary treatment option. HBOT can aid in the detoxification process by enhancing the body’s natural healing abilities. During a period of one hour, patients sit in a pressurized chamber and breathe an oxygen-rich air mixture through a mask. The process stimulates the production and regeneration of body cells and releases built-up toxins in the brain. (currently unavailable)

Castle Craig Addiction Clinic – Photo & Video Gallery

We think it’s important for one to have a visual representation of the types of services on offer and of the outstanding beauty of the Castle Craig Grounds.

Prior to treatment, take a moment to wander through our Photo & Video Gallery to gain a better understanding of what you can expect from Castle Craig before you start your treatment.

This gallery offers an insight into addiction treatment through the voices of our therapists — many of whom are on video.

How Can Castle Craig Help?

How Do I Pay For Rehab?

One concern we sometimes hear from people is how they will fund their rehab treatment. The cost of rehab varies depending on what kind of accommodation you choose. You can pay for treatment at Castle Craig privately, or through medical insurance, and some people receive funding through the NHS.

How Long Is the Rehab Programme?

Residential rehab treatment starts at four weeks and can go up to 12+ weeks. Research shows us that the longer you stay in rehab and are part of the residential therapy programme, the longer the likelihood of continued abstinence and stable recovery.

Who Will I Speak to When I Call?

When you call you will reach our Help Centre team who will give you all the information you need to help you decide whether to choose treatment at Castle Craig. Once you have decided that you would like to have a free screening assessment you will be put in touch with our admissions case managers who will guide you through the admissions process.

What Happens at the End of My Treatment?

Castle Craig thoroughly prepares patients before departure by creating a personalised continuing care plan which is formulated following discussions with the medical and therapeutic team. We offer an online continuing care programme which runs for 24 weeks after leaving treatment, in order to ensure a smooth transition back into your everyday life. Patients leaving treatment automatically join our Recovery Club where they can stay connected via our annual reunion, events, online workshops and recovery newsletters.

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