How Long Does Drug Rehab Take?

Drug Rehab Duration Recommendations

Did you know that the reason most rehabs are 28 days is that many insurance providers only cover that length of time? It’s not been reviewed medically as the ideal time to recover properly. Let us understand how long drug rehab takes in the following article.

As a leading drug recovery centre, we know that the 28-day model makes treating and reversing the psychological effects of drugs a very difficult task.

Common Drug Rehab Durations

Various facilities offer different stays and programmes. But as always, we ask you to proceed with caution – do not progress without reading reviews and doing your research.

Ultimately at the end of the day, you will decide on what you think is best, but we always advise leading with medical advice as they are the experts in this region.

A short, 30-minute FREE drug addiction assessment will outline your best next steps, the type of treatment and the length of stay you should opt for.

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Examples of Rehab Durations

So, How Long Should Drug Rehab Take?

We make it no secret the minimum duration we believe rehab should take. Following the expert direction of our Medical Director, we do not offer residential stays shorter than 35 days.

This is because the detoxification part of the treatment plan can take up to 10 days in some severe cases, so when rehab only lasts 28 days, that leaves hardly enough time to build rapport with patients, dive into past histories and assess them thoroughly.

Because as you may know, you use drugs for the effects they provide and how they mask internal feelings. There’s a core reason you turn to drugs like heroin, cocaine or cannabis in the first place, and it’s only when you begin to heal this will you truly begin to understand your condition, accept it and recover from it.

5-Week Rehab Is Often Best For:

  • Those in need of a medically supervised detox
  • Have dual diagnoses
  • Diagnosed as high-risk or have a history of self-harm
  • Have tried other forms of drug rehabilitation with no success
  • Find their social life and family life contributes to their drug addiction
  • Can take time away from their obligations

Drug Rehab Journey

During their stay patients can expect:

  • Initial detox
  • Various assessments and reviews from a psychiatrist and therapist
  • Customised treatment plan put into action
  • Daily 1-1 therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Daily development
  • Relapse prevention

What if You Cannot Commit to 5 Weeks?

We understand that not everyone can commit to 35 days in a private facility due to family circumstances or professional responsibilities.

That’s why we have an outpatient addiction clinic in London to provide outpatient therapy services, both in-person and online, to clients who do not require medically-managed detoxification. This is an affordable way to gain access to proven and essential support and therapy.

Determine how long you should stay in rehab by scheduling a free drug assessment.

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